Solutionist & Musician

Hi! I'm Sai Khuan and this is what I do.

Software & IT

Full Stack Developer Solution Architect Software Engineer

I'm IT solutionist with 20 years of software implementation experience specializing in insurance & financial industry.

Software Innovation

  • My passion for technology has kept me abreast of the latest IT advancement.
  • Led technical team across Asia to implement IT solution.
  • Aim to deliver the best solution that makes sense with customer centricity in mind.


  • Worked at big organisations which includes MetLife and Allianz
  • Implementated software solutions across Asia which includes China, Malaysia, Korea, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand
  • Also worked in a startup as head of technology, leading development team to design and develop products


  • Implemented end to end digital insurance web solution
  • Designed and developed mobile insurance point of sales tool
  • Implemented multi level channel and insurance agency compensation system
  • Familiar with insurance policy admin system


  • Language - Java, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
  • Database - Microsoft Sql Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle
  • Development Framework - Java Spring, AngularJS, ReactJS, .NET, Laravel
  • Mobile Development - IBM MobileFirst, ReactNative, iOS, Android, Cordova
  • Cloud Services - Microsoft Azure & AWS

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler ~ Albert Einstein

Animal Shelters

A Pet's Journal UnderOneWoof Allergic Rescuers

Living with two dogs and a cat have made me realise how important it is to give all the strays a second chance.

All animal shelters operate without any strong funding, which requires all the support they can get from us. Most rely solely on public donations and voluntary aid.

A Pet's Journal

A Pet's Journal is a no-kill shelter with 130 dogs and counting. Most of the dogs are either paralysed, blind or need special need.

The shelter has been operating since 2013 and with such a large operation, they are constantly looking for funding support. Please support them at


UnderOneWoof is also a no-kill shelter located at Bentong and managed by Sim. Sim has been rescuing abused and injured dogs.

They are constantly looking for funding support. Please support them at

Allergic Rescuers KL

Allergic Rescuers KL was established in 2018, they are a group of friends doing what they can to help strays they come across on the streets. Please support them at

Ever since meeting with the animal shelters' owners, I never knew how selfless someone can be. They have given up their life and committed everything they have to the animal shelters to save all the strays. Let us also help them to save man's best friends.

I've also started a project (Better of Us) to support animal shelters in Malaysia. We are committed to provide any IT services to shelters who would like to bring their shelter online.

Better of Us

Every animal deserves a second chance. Please support us.


Performance Compose Arrangement

Music has always been my passion since I was little. The day when I saw the very first live piano performance, I knew music will always be part of my life.

Music Performance

I have been performing in public since the age of 5. Ever since then, I've performed at different occassions with different artiste and band. I can play the piano, keyboard, guitar and saxophone.

If you are looking for a sessionist or someone to play in your band, drop me a note anytime.

Music Composition & Arrangement

I have composed a lot of film tracks and jingles for the last 10 years. Within the help of music tools and softwares, I could record and arrange a full orchestra performance. I'm a seasoned user of Native Instrument libraries and Apple Logic Pro X.

Check out some of my work below and if you ever need someone to write you something, please drop me a note at my Fiverr's gig.

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without ~ Confucius

Contact Me

I'm available for a chat or discussion on anything under the sun. Whether it's another innovation idea or if you would like to be part of the dog loving community or you have another song you would like to perform with me, I'm all ears.

Drop me a note anytime at